The kind of intimacy, knowledge, and relationship which is prescribed for the church in the New Testament cannot be achieved in groups of hundreds or thousands. It can only take place in smaller groups of believers. It can only take place in groups where significant face-to-face relationships occur.

Hope employs small groups meeting in people’s homes to foster this type of intimate face-to-face relating. Our small groups are called “Community Groups” to emphasize their role as the place where we learn to do gospel community. They are more labs than classrooms, focusing on applying the gospel to our daily lives. Because the focus is on applying the gospel to life, each groups spends time getting to know each other’s lives and stories. Some groups follow the sermon series, while others work through a study.

Our Community Groups meet at various times and days during the week. Each group is led by lay leaders who receive ongoing training and are supported and overseen by Hope’s elders. All groups are open to new members, though some groups may close because of size limitations or for a particular season of study.

If you have questions about community groups, or would like help finding a group that would work for you, please contact Aaron Ingle.

“When we live in community as a declaration of the gospel, we announce that Jesus has restored what sin had broken, and we experience life as God intended.”

Brad House