Welcome from Pastor Gorden Fleming

Welcome to the Cotswold congregation of Hope. Our Cotswold congregation is our youngest congregation, launching on January 5, 2020. Originally planned to be a daughter church of Hope, the leadership felt God’s leading to bring the mission statement of Hope, to be Real People Looking to the Real Jesus, for Real Change, to an underserved community of Charlotte. So through prayer and counsel, it was decided that rather than daughtering a church plant, Hope would launch its third congregation in the Cotswold community.

Gorden, a native Mississippian, graduated from The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in 1999. After serving with Cru for two years at Auburn University, Gorden moved to Charlotte, NC, to obtain his Masters of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary.  While in Charlotte, he was on the original plant team at Hope, and served as its first pastoral intern. During that time, Gorden met Kelly Kallam, and they married in 2003. Upon graduation, Gorden served as a pastor in Atlanta, as well as a Church Planting Apprentice at Hope, before God moved him into business, where he worked for 9 years.

In late 2012, as Gorden and Kelly were confronted with the reality of the brokenness and pain of living in a sin stained world, and in seeing that the Gospel of Grace is the only answer to this brokenness, they began to ask if God was calling Gorden back into vocational ministry.  Through three years of prayer and counsel, it became obvious to them that He was, and in October of 2015, God led the Flemings to Raleigh, where Gorden served as the Associate Pastor at Midtown Community Church. In January 2019, Hope called the Flemings back to Kelly’s hometown of Charlotte to lead the Cotswold congregation, which launched in January 2020.

Gorden has been greatly influenced by the by the pastors and leadership at Hope, as well as Tim Keller, Jack Miller, Paul David Tripp, Brennan Manning, Eugene Peterson, as well as his father and father-in-law, and orphans in Uganda. Gorden and Kelly have four kids: Ware (2005), Caroline Gray (2007), Hunt (2011) and Bess (2013). When he rarely has free-time he enjoys injuring himself at Iron Tribe and having his heart broken by Ole Miss.

Hope – Cotswold seeks to proclaim the Gospel in the same way that Jesus commissioned his disciples in Acts 1:8:

8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

 – Acts 1:8

In this verse, Jesus gave his disciples four different contexts for their ministry of the Good News of the Gospel: Jerusalem (their city), Judea (people close in proximity), Samaria (cross-cultural), and the end of the earth (international).  We feel called to bring the Gospel to bear on our homes, neighborhoods, and the Cotswold community. While also intentionally looking at opportunities to engage the greater Charlotte area through natural relationships where we work, learn, and play.  At the same time, engaging our cross-cultural neighbors, and taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Grace and Peace,

Gorden Fleming 

Visitor FAQ

Hope Community Church – Cotswold meets at the Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church (920 N Sharon Amity Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211) Sunday mornings at 11:00AM.  Outside of corporate worship on Sundays, community groups meet throughout the week. More information can be found here.

We run the gamut from a few people in ties to a few people in shorts, but the vast majority of people dress in “business casual” at Hope. We’re not concerned with what people wear; whatever is personally most conducive to you encountering God on Sunday morning is fine with us. If you’re wanting to blend in on your first visit, though, go with khakis and a golf shirt or the female equivalent of that.

Any of the parking spots at the church are available on Sunday morning.


920 N Sharon Amity Road
Charlotte, NC 28211