Often when people refer to “a church” they mean a particular building, but the building is merely the meeting place of the church. The “church” is the people. Hope is one church—one community of people—who worship on Sunday mornings at two locations. Since we began, Hope’s vision has been to be a church where people—especially those who have been wounded by the church or who are cynical about Christianity—can experience and consider the Gospel of Grace that Jesus proclaimed.

In 2013, we moved one of Hope’s worship services to a new location so that we could be that kind of church for a larger number of people in both the South End/Dilworth and the Olde Providence areas of Charlotte. By having two smaller worship services, we are able to give new people a taste of, and include them in our community more easily. By having the services in two different parts of the city, we’re trying to move toward our neighbors rather than require that they travel across the city to come to us.

One Church, Two Locations
Even though the worship and the sermon topic are typically the same at both locations (and often given by the same pastor), Sunday morning may feel like Hope is two different churches. However, the more involved you get in the community at Hope, the more evident it is that we are one church. We have one church staff, one group of elders and deacons, and one ministry vision; our Men’s, Women’s, Youth, and Children’s Ministries events are all church-wide; and almost all of our Community Groups are a mixture of people who attend each worship location.

We know that visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating, so we want to give you an idea of what to expect and which location might be most conducive to your worship and integration into our community. The following welcome pages for each of our worship locations are intended to give a sense of the site pastor’s personality and the overall feel of Sunday morning worship created by that location’s particular demographic. Our desire is that Hope will be a place where you can hear and experience the Gospel of Grace!

Olde Providence  |  South End