Wendy Collins


Wendy Collins, Bookkeeper

Wendy was born and raised in Charlotte, not many still around! Shortly after college (Go Niner Nation!), she met Dave and they were married (31 years ago) and have 4 grown children and 2 grandgirls (2 dogs, 5 granddogs and 5 grandcats).

Any free time is usually spent with family. Getting together for a good meal and maybe a fun family adventure or activity – making memories…but sometimes decompressing in front of the TV. 🙂

She has a deep love for the beauty God created in both the mountains and the beach. The past years have been escaping the heat with family vacations exploring the western mountain lakes. The
mountains are her disconnect from “real world” and re-charging place.

Wendy was raised Lutheran, married, and became Methodist, active in both. Then unknowingly being led to something deeper, she transitioned to a non-denominational church, but one that held Bible-based core beliefs. Her and Dave’s Faith journey has been evolving from “corporate” church to “following Jesus”. It was making the connection in a non-denominational church they realized the deeper meaning of following Christ. It’s not always comfortable, but a new journey has begun.