Focus & Ministry Priorities

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Our Focus

The focus of Hope’s Missions Ministry is to bring glory to God by expanding the Kingdom of God around the globe through aiding indigenous church planters in major metropolitan centers throughout the world and by developing a missionary mindset in the people of Hope Community Church wherever we are called by God to minister.

Our Ministry Priorities

Raise Up Missionaries from Hope Community Church

Christ’s words to us in the Great Commission make it clear that every single believer is to function as a missionary. It is our goal that every member of Hope participate in a short-term missions project at least once. Getting outside of our culture exposes in us where the American dream has taken precedence over God’s Kingdom purposes in our hearts.
Like the 1st Century church in Antioch we also seek to send our best and brightest out into the world to expand the Kingdom of God. This means that we will support any members we feel are called into missionary service whether this service is in line with our urban church planting priority or not.

Raise Up Tent-making Missionaries around the Globe

We live in a global society. Many of our people in Charlotte will have opportunities to further their vocational calling by working overseas. We want to be intentional about encouraging the worldwide movement of the Gospel by having our people leverage their jobs to join in God’s Kingdom expansion as tentmakers in the major urban centers around the globe.

Support Church Planting Movements around the Globe

In the Gospels and the Epistles we learn God’s Gospel message. In the book of Acts we learn God’s missionary methods. The book of Acts reveals that the Apostles fulfilled the Great Commission by planting churches first in Jerusalem, then in Samaria, then in Judea, and then in urban centers around the globe.