Jen Guzi

Jen Guzi

Women's Leadership Development

Jen Guzi, Women’s Leadership Development

Matt and Jen have been married for 20 years. They have two kids, Taylor and Jacob, and have been living in Charlotte since 2002. They moved to Charlotte to help plant Hope. Matt and Jen met while working at Windy Gap, a Young Life Camp in Ashville, NC.Jen loves sports. She used to play volleyball and softball in college and also coached for four years before Taylor came along. Now she likes to play anything … a lot … with friends, with her kids, and with her husband. She has to be outside at least part of the day, or something weird happens to her. Her favorite thing about Charlotte is the Panthers! She’s been blessed to be working with the women at Hope since 2006 and truly enjoys connecting with women as they point each other toward Jesus.

What has shaped Jen most is Jesus’s pursuit of her through her marriage, His comfort of her through the death of her mom, His redeeming of her story through learning to love her kids and husband, and His kindness that has led to her repentance through the rich relationships He’s given her in Charlotte. The significant influences in Jen’s spiritual life and ministry are Young Life, Larry Crabb, Paula Rinehart, Dan Allender, and Brent Curtis.