Serve Our Neighbors

Focus, Philosophy & Goals

The focus of Hope’s Mercy Ministry is to bring glory to God by non-verbally proclaiming His heart by becoming a community of people characterized by selfless service and bold engagement. Jesus didn’t merely tell people the truth about God, He lived it out by serving them, and now He invites us to join Him by proclaiming Christ as our Lord and ourselves as servants for His sake (2 Corinthians 4:5). 

Just like the original disciples, we seek to eradicate poverty and injustice within Hope and alleviate poverty and injustice in our city (Acts 4:33-35) by dedicating 4.5% of all the money donated to Hope to go towards mercy needs both inside and outside of our church. This fund is administered by our Deacons, who actively pursue those within the congregation in need of assistance and identify ministries outside of our congregation for our people to partner with both as donors and volunteers. 

God’s heart is passionate about both mercy and justice for those oppressed by sin and its consequences. When rightly understood, the Gospel naturally produces a desire to show to others the same mercy and deliverance that we have received from God in Christ Jesus (Galatians 2:10). The great commandment calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus modeled being a neighbor for us by leaving heaven and entering our misery to rescue us. We are to non-verbally proclaim this in our city by meeting our neighbor’s needs in a self-sacrificial fashion.

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