Serve Our World

Focus & Ministry Priorities

Jesus commissioned the church to make disciples of all nations. In the Gospels and the Epistles we learn God’s Gospel message. In the book of Acts we learn God’s missionary methods. When we study the methods of the book of Acts we learn that the Apostles fulfilled the Great Commission by planting churches first in Jerusalem, then in Judea, then in Samaria, and then in urban centers around the globe. In each church the Apostles would start, they would prayerfully seek indigenous disciples to lead the church in that culture once they left. 

At Hope we send short term teams to serve our global neighbors, cross culturally seeking to identify indigenous church planting movements we can support financially. 

Our Partnership Priorities:

    1. Someone at Hope has a relational connection to the ministry
    2. Indigenous to the Culture
    3. Directly engaged in the ministry of Christ-Centered Church Planting
    4. Ministering in a major metropolitan city

Our Global Partners

Julio & Olga Chiang
Lima, Peru
South America Mission

Phil & Shanna Davis
Prague, Czech Republic

Hamburg Projekt
Hamburg, Germany
Redeemer City to City

Cody & Katy Janicek
Prague, Czech Republic

Amjad & Sarah Mahand
Southall, London

Steffen & Elizabeth Mueller
Munich, Germany
Mission to the World

Argyris & Dina Petrou
Athens, Greece
AMG International

Ben & Kim Church
Kampala, Uganda
Mission to the World

Fernando Mejia
Pico Escondido
Young Life

Petra Dams
Prague Dignity

Alexander Tsutserov

Jake and Melissa Hunt

JJ & Susan

Jeremy and Gina Sink

Scott & Rebecca Brand

Fernando Ortega

Mission to the World

Mission to North America