Kate Stewart

South End Worship Coordinator; Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator

Kate Stewart, South End Worship Coordinator, Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator

Kate was born and raised in Charlotte, and moved to Virginia in fall of 2014 for college and work. Kate attended Liberty University where she obtained her B.A. in Business: Project Management, and her M.A. in Executive Leadership. Having a deep passion for both music ministry & artistry in the church and for small business & organizational management, Kate has been on a fun journey of watching the Lord unfold His plan for her life, using both of those passions in unique ways. Hope Community has been a big part of that journey.

After undergrad and during grad school, Kate spent a few years working in Residence Life at Liberty, serving students walking through crises, discouragements, and pretty much everything else in between. Kate will tell you that her time working in Residence Life were some of the most formative, humbling, and sanctifying years of her life, and served as a catalyst for growth in her walk with the Lord. All the while, the Lord in His graciousness continued to provide opportunities within Kate’s role to use her passion for worship to build up teams and lead worship in a lot of unique settings.

Kate finished her masters in spring of 2019, and she decided moved back to Charlotte a year later in 2020 to work with her dad in their family-owned business. Hope Community was the very first church Kate visited upon moving back to Charlotte; one visit was all it took for Kate to know that Hope was the church community she felt called to join. The humility of the pastoral team and the genuine, authentic worship of the congregation made Kate feel right at home. After attending for a few months, Kate started serving as a vocalist on the worship team at SE. In an unexpected turn of events, The Lord was exceedingly gracious in providing the opportunity for Kate to step into the Worship Coordinator role at SE at the tail end of 2021. It has been a literal dream come true for Kate to be able to apply her passion for music and creativity, as well as team development, to the worship ministry at SE, and in the local church that has become her family.

Some of Kate’s favorite artists include: CityAlight, the Gettys, Andrew Peterson, Sandra McCraken, Shane & Shane, Jess Ray, Housefires, Sovereign Grace, Ben Rector, and Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors.

Kate’s passions (other than music) include: conversations about the Lord over a good cup of coffee, CrossFit, perfecting her scone recipe (it needs help), well-timed Office quotes, volleyball, game nights, outdoor adventures with friends, and, of course, organizing her email inbox.