Katie Perrin

South End Women's Shepherd

Katie Perrin, South End Women’s Shepherd 

Katie grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and ventured south to attend Wake Forest University in 2000. At Wake, the truth of the gospel became real to Katie through the ministries of InterVarsity and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. A chronic over-achiever, she found (and still finds!) comfort and hope in the grace and freedom of trusting in Jesus.

Charmed by the warm weather and sweet tea, Katie decided to stay in the south after graduation. Her passion for service led her to a career in special event planning in Charlotte.

In 2007, Katie met Christian when he moved into the house next door. They, along with their roommates, joined a Community Group at Hope. Katie and Christian were married in 2009 at St. Mary’s Chapel. They have two children, Nolan (born in 2015) and Edie (born in 2017). Their family loves travel adventures, sushi rolls and escape rooms. Katie enjoys coffee with friends, creative projects and second-hand treasures. She is grateful for this opportunity to serve our community as a member of the Women’s Shepherding team.