Kevin Turnage

Director of Operations

Kevin Turnage, Director of Operations 

Kevin was born and raised in Wilson County, North Carolina. After graduating high school, Kevin headed West to attend North Carolina State University and, upon graduation, moved farther West to Charlotte to begin a professional career with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. After nearly a decade in technology risk and compliance consulting, Kevin accepted a position with Carlisle Companies Incorporated. Two years in, Kevin headed West again as Carlisle relocated their corporate headquarters from Charlotte to Scottsdale, Arizona. There, Kevin spent nearly four years establishing progressive corporate operations and building information security, data privacy, and compliance practices.

Kevin’s pursuit of vocational perfection and advancement required sacrifices in many other ares of life and encouraged an unhealthy self-dependence and pride. While God used Kevin to positively impact the lives of many team members in his professional career, he remained unfulfilled. His desire for more time to grow in faith, focus on his family, improve his fitness, and be intentional about friendship aligned with God’s call home to the South to join Hope’s team in 2020. Here at Hope, Kevin aims to employ his experience and expertise while learning to trust that he is beloved, serving with patience and integrity and becoming more compassionate and gracious to himself and others.

Kevin met his wife, Lisa (Harbold), in Charlotte in 2009 working with Habitat for Humanity (HYP). They married in 2010 and were gifted a daughter, Teagan, in 2015. The foundation for Kevin and Lisa’s marriage has been gently and perpetually shaped by Matt Guzi. Kevin enjoys watching sports, eating good food, listening to popular music (and sometimes dancing), socializing, and traveling. While basketball was his favorite pastime, Kevin looks forward to developing some new hobbies and interests as he transitions out of a corporate career.