Liza Page

Liza Page

Director of Communication

Liza Page, Director of Communication

Liza grew up on the water in the small town of Washington, NC.  After high school, she attended the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, one of her favorite places in the world, where she majored in Communication Studies and Religious Studies.

After college, Liza moved to Charlotte in 2012 for the Fellows Program. It was through this program that she was first introduced to Hope. Liza stayed in Charlotte after the Fellows program and worked at a marketing agency for almost four years prior to joining the Hope team.

Growing up on the coast, her favorite place to be is on a boat or by the water. She loves the Tar Heels (maybe too severely), enjoying good food and a glass of wine with friends, and playing tennis.

Liza grew up in a family that knows and loves Jesus, which has shaped a lot of her knowledge and understanding of who He is.  Other influences on her faith have been the ministries of Young Life and Cru, the Fellows program, her attendance of Hope, and Hayden Carter.