Noël Tenny

OP Women's Shepherd

Noël Tenny, OP Women’s Shepherd

Noël was born outside of Washington D.C. and lived there until attending college in Ohio. While attending Cedarville College, she met her husband Shane, and they married right after graduating in 1998. She now considers herself a “transplant Southerner” and all 4 of her siblings and her mother have since moved to Charlotte over the 20+ years since she’s been here. Noël and Shane have been attending Hope for 4 years and have 4 kids: Britt (2004), Chet (2006) and twins, Giselle and Grady (2008). Noël works part-time as an interior designer, loves having parties, dancing and laughing…preferably with other people. She considers herself a “beach person” in the summer and a “mountain person” the rest of the time.